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hello my freaky darlings.

See, I can quote awesome movies, because the only person who reads this is Jason. And who cares about jason? (kidding. you rock)

haha. sharpieee.
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sara sampaio

Fact of the day. haha

I didn't know what ad astra per aspera meant.
It means "to the stars through difficulty"
And it's kansas's state motto.
I'm realllly dumb.

So I dont feel well, and Im stuck at home. I can't go back to sleep.
I may have to miss the 80's show.

Blah. Today is not looking very good.

I need to download some new music.
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sara sampaio

So I've decided...

Dating completely sucks. I want a guy who can hold a conversation with me. Who I can ask "Leonardo or Michelangelo?" and not get a response of "uhhh... leonardo... wasnt he the purple ninja turtle?" Yeah. That would be nice.

Rant is over.

I hate finals. Because I missed a week a month ago, I get to take all seven of my finals.


But on the positive side, theres a CD release, and the 80's Show tomorrow.

I need some new music. But I don't know what.
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